Art of rally

  • Posted on: 24 November 2020
  • By: Shon

Art of Rally- is a car simulator from the authors of Absolute Drift, in which you can get behind the wheel of one of the coolest cars of the golden rally era and participate in epic races around the world. The top view will allow you to fully focus on the races thanks to a good view of the track without the help of the navigator. Driving has been significantly improved over Absolute Drift and is more predictable and less demanding. The car's behavior is now friendly to beginners, but can be challenging for experienced drivers as well.

Features of the game Art of Rally:
- go through the golden era of rally in career mode
- over 30 rally cars from the 60s, 70s, 80s of the last century
- redesigned car controls based on the physical model of Absolute Drift
- 50 stages in Finland, Sardinia, Norway, Japan and Germany
- repair damage from collisions between races
- soundtrack by Tatreal

Year of issue: 2020
Genre: arcade, auto racing, 3rd person
Developer: Funselektor Labs Inc.
Libraries used: Unity3D
Multiplayer: no
Architecture: amd64
License: proprietary
Interface language: multilingual

System requirements:
Processor: 2.6 GHz
Video: OpenGL 3.2

Download Art of Rally / Download Linux Art of Rally: